Staff Recruitment videos are a thing


What’s the difference between a cameraman and God?

God doesn’t think he is a cameraman. But in all honesty a good cameraman makes sure every part of a shoot is going well. A good Cameraman knows he is normally judged on all aspects of the shoot.

This shoot in the client’s office, they wanted to achieve the different look and feel needed for each section of the video. I a typical office this can be a challenge and so by using my Sony F5 large sensor camera and carefully selecting lens focal lenghts I was able to differentiate different script areas with a different visual feel.

Corporate Traveller offers a range of specialised business travel solutions and corporate travel management services it says “makes travel faster, cheaper and greener.”

The company’s tourism experts are renowned for being highly trained industry professionals who offer a bespoke service, and wanted to reinforce this with a video that captured their individual personalities and passion for travel.

This Staff Recruitment video showcases the company’s unique selling points in a relaxed and engaging format shot with a Sony F5 camera in Corporate Traveller’s headquarters.


Staff Recruitment


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