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Shoot Data Back Up

By October 30, 2016Gear, Tech

Sydney DOP cameraman data check

There are many ways to copy the shoot’s data, but unless you use software with a checksum you may not be copying everything every time.

I have bought and tried many different data transfer software apps and have recently found the best one yet, Hedge for Mac. Some of the others that I have bought and used are DoubleData, R3Data and Offload. While each has it good points they also fail in what I want them to do in some other ways.

The reasons why I think Hedge is the head of the pack is its speed. Basically it does what the others do but it does it faster . Its really only a little slower than using Finder, but does a checksum and writes transfer logs, meaning you have proof of the transfer being 100% correct. The speed of transfers and the ability to do simultaneous transfers to multiple locations is a huge plus!

So if you have had a data issue in the past or want to make sure you don’t have one in the future go check out Hedge for Mac. And if you like it, you can get a $10 discount by clicking here