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Sydney Cinematographer

Red Digital Cinema’s new camera?

By Gear

Red's new camera announcement

There is something in the air. Stirrings and rumours sweeping film and TV shoots worldwide. And it was started by Jim Jannard the founder of Red Digital Cinema posted on RedUser “July 6th. 9am PST. Right here. You need to be online. You need to tell everyone you know to be online. Have your credit card ready. This is a new product category. It does not impact your RED camera.”

Jim Jannard later posted its “Much bigger than a codec and much smaller than curing cancer.”
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Making great Videos

By Gear

Great cameraman and gear

What is the secret to making a great video? A great cameraman.
While having all the gear you will need on set is always that best option, Gear does not make the cameraman, the cameraman makes the gear. Don’t forget Gear is good, but vision, know-how and creativity is better.
If you know how to properly use your gear, you can produce beautiful work. Does using professional camera gear perform better? Yes. But simply having the best camera isn’t enough you need to know-how to use it.
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Is Cinematography the same as Photography?

By Tech

cinematography is shooting great video

Cinematography is the art and technology of motion-picture photography. A Cinematographer is also know as a Director of Photography and can be shortened to DP or DOP.

The differences between photography and cinematography are many. A single photograph can be a complete work in itself, where as a cinematographer has to work with the director to craft multiple shots that serve the story and keep a consistent look within the scene.
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Top tips on how to light for an Interview

By Gear

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out using lighting in your stills and video or an industry veteran, these tips will help you consistently achieve great results when shooting people. Even with only two or three lights anyone can achieve great looking images on video or stills. A typical starting point for professional camera people is always the basic three point lighting setup. From there you can adapt the light setup to achieve the mood you like on your shoot.

When three point lighting, the lights used are normally Key, Fill and Backlight (Hair light). The Key Light is the strongest light hitting your subject (or Talent), and the main source of light in the shot.

The Fill light is from the opposite side to the Key light and is there to reduce contrast and lighten shadows on the subject. Depending on how much contrast or shadow and definition you want on your subject, the Fill light can be moved closer or further away to vary the intensity (brightness). For a soft Fill light it can be filtered or bounced to diffuse it, or placed further away reduce the light’s brightness hitting the subject.

The Backlight (Hair Light) hits your subject from behind and or above which separates the subject from the background by making the edges of the subject’s body pop.
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Gear, gear, gear …..

By Gear, Tech

Does it ever end ? No, when it comes to film and TV gear. So with that in mind I have a bunch of new gear. New lighting frames 10 x 10, 6 x 6 and 4 x 4. Also a new Chromakey green 10 x 10 screen as well as some new new textiles for my other frames.

I also have a new monitor stand setup to make having a monitor on set in the right place easier and faster. This is a combination of a few Mathews products specially designed for onset monitors.

I now have a “low boy ” attachment for my Wally dolly kit. This enables the tripod head to be mounted to the T frame on the dolly, making for some really nice low angle dolly shots.

Then there is a load of other new gear, including a heap of Shot bags, C stands and more light stands.

All this new gear comes included with all my existing gear as part of my shooting package which means I can handle any shoot. Check out my gear list to see all my gear.

Tim Bradley shooting a Web video series Sony F5 camera

What’s Cookin?

By enews

With the seasons changing and it’s warming up a bit now in Australia and our minds are turning towards healthy salads, succulent roasted meat dishes and decadent desserts.

Luckily Your Local Greengrocer has all the inspiration we need – and Minds Eye has helped deliver it in the form of a third series of cooking demonstration videos.

Tim has previously worked with Your Local Greengrocer to create their first two series of recipe videos. And using the latest Red Dragon, Sony F5 and GoPro camera gear, the team were able to capture the highest quality footage possible.

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Haven’t you heard?

By enews

Active Deaf Kids

Minds Eye spreading Active Deaf Kids message

Can you imagine what it’s like growing up in a world without sound? That is the reality for thousands of deaf and hard of hearing Aussie kids every day – but there is an organisation that is helping these kids fit in and be healthy.

Tim from Minds Eye is playing a crucial role in the development of a promotional video for the Active Deaf Kids Program, an initiative of Deaf Sport Australia, the country’s peak body for deaf sports.

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